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    B5 Plus Ghana Company Ltd  is West African, manufacturing, fabricating, and trading enterprise   with the vision to become the world’s steel industry benchmark through the excellence of its   people, its innovative approach and overall conduct.                                                                  

    With corporate headquarters in Tema Ghana, today we operate in all the ECOWAS Countries. We   have a significant presence in African steel as an integrated manufacturer of steel and finished   steel products.           

    Our principal product is steel products which come in seven major categories: Mild Steel, High   Tensile & Iron Rods, Galvanized Products, Stainless Steel, Marine & Mining, Roofing & Nails and   Concrete & Fencing.                        

    As a supplier we are accessible business partner who can ensure quality and security of supply. We   value strong relationships with our customers and believe that commercial relationships are a   learnt skill.       

    Our integrated supply chain helps us to ensure a high standard of product quality and service   delivery. This reduces the potential need for rework, increases reliability of service and saves our   customers time and money.      

    The key to our success is our ability to deliver upon promises and our skill in responding to the needs   of our customers.                                                                                                                         

    Our strong facilities and market positions allow us to tailor offers the service to all customers from   the smallest to largest. 

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